Authentic Taste

100% Dairy free and ethical cheese alternative

Healthy Alternative

Entirely plant based, made from cashews.

Artisanal Production

Produced using time honoured methods

Ethical, Healthy,

Environmentally Friendly

Frauxmage uses cashews and a vegan probiotic in the fermentation process to create a nutritious alternative to dairy-based cheese. The Frauxmagerie strives  to create a product that is ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly. Available in 8 flavours, there is a Frauxmage for every taste!

Dairy-Free Alternative

Enjoy the taste and texture of cheese once again without the lactose. Frauxmage is made using an active probiotic and traditional fermentation process to turn cashews into the best-tasting non-dairy alternative.

Plant Based Option

Frauxmage is made with just 4 ingredients in the traditional artisanal way. It contains no animal products or  additional oils making it cholesterol free. It is a pleasant, nutritional addition to plant-based diets that can be consumed on its own or used in salads and cooked dishes.

Recipes – Get Creative with Frauxmage



Best Dairy Free Alternative

“It has to be the best dairy free alternative to cheese that I’ve ever had! I will definitely be a returning customer”

-Michael Alexandre-Rybak (google review)

Montreal Shopper Finds Plant Parm & Camembert

“I tried their Plant Parm and Botanic Camembert and both were delicious. I bought them in an IGA in Montreal. Looking forward to trying their other products!”

-S Lacoste (google review)

Great Taste with No Cholesterol

The Frauxmagerie 5/5 stars for their delicious vegan, plant-based cheese. They are always coming up with new products! They are all dairy free, gluten free and certified vegan which is amazing! I am lactose intolerant and absolutely love all of their products! Also, none of their products contain cholesterol so goodbye dairy! Keep up the great work you guys.

What Vegan Cheese Should Be!

Wow, this is what vegan cheese should be! So so good! I wish the business a ton of success in the small town of Meaford!

-Jessica Lynne (facebook review)

The Search is Over!

As someone who eats a plant-based diet, I have found it very difficult to find non-dairy cheese that is satisfying and tasty. The search is over! These products are outstanding! Finally, someone has put to market a cheese that actually taste good, looks good, has incredible consistency and is totally satisfying! Thank you so much! 

-Carla Reilly (facebook review)

Where to Buy

Frauxmagerie products are available in a variety of local retail stores. Check the map for directions.