Dairy-free cheese crafted
with old-world techniques

Discover the best-tasting non-dairy cheese

Enjoy the taste and texture of cheese once again.  Frauxmage uses cashews and an active vegan probiotic, along with traditional fermentation and aging processes, to create the closest vegan alternative to real, artisanal cheese.

There’s a Frauxmage for every taste.  Enjoy plant-based, dairy-free alternatives to aged and fresh cheese, including our True Blue, Boka, Cam, Swizz, Chevre, Mauxarella, Greek, Plant Parm and Curds.

The Frauxmagerie strives to create a product that’s ethical, healthy, and environmentally friendly, made with all-natural, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free ingredients.

Your artisanal, aged Frauxmage contains only raw cashews, nutritional yeast, vegan probiotics, salt, bacterial culture, and filtered water – no animal products or additional oils, so no cholesterol.

While they certainly enhance salads and cooked dishes, you’ll find yourself savoring and enjoying our Frauxmages all on their own.  Try Frauxmage for yourself. And say goodbye to ordinary dairy-free cheese forever.

What gives our vegan cheese its amazing taste and texture?

Learn about our patented (pending!) approach to artisanal dairy-free cheese