About the Frauxmagerie

Our mission: to create a more authentic dairy-free cheese, ethically

Surrounded by the hills of the Blue Mountains on Georgian Bay, The Frauxmagerie delivers meaningful change inspired by a rich tradition of farming and artisanal creativity.

Plant-based and vegan diets have gained popularity, and these lifestyles demand an authentic dairy-free cheese experience, replacing plant-based spreads. The Frauxmagerie has created just this, with its versatile line of Frauxmage. You can now enjoy a more authentic cheese flavour and texture while eating clean and reducing your environmental footprint through ethical, eco-friendly food production practices.

Breakthrough Innovation

The Frauxmagerie on Georgian Bay has created a revolutionary process to ferment and age plant-based cheese. Currently, we offer two unique lines of Frauxmage: The Botanic Aged line, and the Botanic Fresh line. We produce limited-ingredient, 100% dairy-, oil-, and gluten-free cheese that is certified by VegeCert and The Canadian Celiac Association. The Frauxmagerie fulfills the opportunity to live a plant-based lifestyle without having to sacrifice the taste and texture of cheese!

The Team’s Beliefs

Our passions unite to put honest food on your tables. We are dedicated to compassionate living and plant-based innovation. Our team has come together to ensure you have high-quality Frauxmage that is handcrafted, free from artificial ingredients, available to you and your family.