The Frauxmagerie In The News !


“Located in Meaford, Ontario nestled into the Georgian Bay along Sykes Street is the brand new location of The Frauxmagerie Ltd. Early July had been dedicated to The Frauxmagerie's new move.” Read more ->


“Meaford is not known for its cheesemaking. In fact, according to the Cheese Lover’s Guide to Ontario, artisanal cheese makers are non-existent in Southern Georgian Bay.

Yet, when I cut through the gauzy, soft rind of the Frauxmagerie’s Botanic Camembert…” Read more ->


Most Improved Business Award

Presented to an existing business that has significantly expanded its operation or an improvement of the premises making the community more attractive
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The Frauxmagerie


Our Frauxmage curds were mentioned by BlogTO’s review of Disgraceland: “Vegan poutine ($11) smothers fries in veggie gravy and vegan curds, which are…” Read more-> 


“Whether for their health, their pocketbook or the environment, more Canadians are turning away from meat. Stores and restaurants are taking notice.” Read more ->


“The Frauxmagerie Produces a range of luxury cheeses, all of which are made from plant based ingredients.” Read more ->


“Charcuterie has its origins as a humble french peasant dish. But don’t let the simplicity of the preparation

deceive you – curated and composed with a thoughtful arrangement of textures and tastes…” Read more ->


“Sue Spahr and Alec Bosse. Gettin’ cheesy, go-go dancing, and globetrotting! The box of non-dairy

delights sent by Nia Bracken and Jaime Sirna of The Frauxmagerie on Georgian Bay…” Read more ->


"Contrary to popular belief, going vegan doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy cheese. It just means you just don’t eat cheese made from cow or any other animal’s milk — which, like a human mother, is made for the young of their own species." Read more ->

"Last year’s big winner at the Meaford Dragon’s Den is Marie-Catherine Marsot, Co-founder and CEO of The Fauxmagerie Ltd. Classically trained in French-style cuisine." (page 48) Read more ->

"The new-on-the-scene producers of artisinal non-dairy cheeses - The Frauxmagerie - Ltd. - have recently received a coveted B Corp Certification . . . . which will help Frauxmagerie accelerate their already impressive momentum." Read more ->

"Remember last year’s Dragons Den of Meaford winner? She’s got big news for you – The Frauxmagerie has been in operation for just six months, and is now shipping across Canada and to the US." Read more ->

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