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Meaford, Ontario- The new-on-the-scene producers of artisinal non-dairy cheeses – The Frauxmagerie – Ltd. – have recently received a coveted B Corp Certification (Pending, only because the company is less than 1 year since incorporation), which will help Frauxmagerie accelerate their already impressive momentum.

In less than a year, The Fauxmagerie on Georgian Bay has identified and filled a demand for high-end non-dairy cheese products. And after officially launching in November 2017, they recently gained B Corp Certification.

“B Corp meets the very highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems,” said Marie-Catherine Marsot, Co-founder & CEO of The Fauxmagerie Ltd. on Georgian Bay.

“We are so proud! Only a few companies gets this honor.”

This local success story has already expanded to a nation-wide market, and they are now in over 30 stores across Canada, including city centres Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Frauxmagerie has been able to tap into the huge addressable and fanatical plant-based and vegan markets by meeting the rapidly growing demand for non-dairy, gluten-free, non-GMO, high-fibre and vegan protein foods. Frauxmagerie has a highly-differentiated ingredient and production process that reproduces the taste and the crust of high-end cheeses, including signature Blue, Camembert, Oka, and with other cheeses in late-stage development.

The key to Frauxmagerie’s success has been that, quite simply, they are the only non-dairy cheese producer capable of crafting a suite of products that look, taste and feel like the dairy version of cheese. Their frauxmage is made using aging technique and, unlike competitor products in the market, is not just a flavored cream cheese. 
Marie-Catherine is often-quoted as saying “we are giving you your cheese back!”

In addition to receiving confirmation of B Corp Pending certification, Frauxmagerie has also very recently received FDA approval. As a result, the company will be exporting/shipping to select retailers and restaurants across the United States in May of 2018.

“We are well-capitalized at this time, enabling us to finance both expansion of throughput capacity within Canada and to imminently establish US domestic production capacity, thereby accelerating our ability to serve our retail, restaurant, and food service distribution partners. These are very exciting times for us, as a rapidly-expanding ultra-premium consumer packaged goods company”, quoting Sandy Robertson, CFO & Founding Investor of The Fauxmagerie Ltd. on Georgian Bay.

The company’s frauxmage also comes in a new box packaging format that is environmentally friendly and will extend refrigerated shelf life. In addition to The Frauxmagerie’s current product line offerings, the company will soon be releasing a new botanic cheese, to complement the existing Camembert and Blue cheeses.

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