With summer rapidly flying by you need some fast and easy recipes that will quench your thirst all while being healthy and fulfilling your hunger. Nothing says summer snack more than having watermelon. Here at The Frauxmagerie we love watermelon, there are so many tasty dishes to create using this fresh fruit. From delicate desserts, to savory snacks, or just eating raw watermelon there are so many options.  Since watermelons are 92% water these tasty fruits are perfect on a hot summer day so we created a tasty dairy-free take on watermelon-feta salad with our Greek Frauxmage to quench all your summer cravings all while being dairy free and cruelty free!

Meet the easy and delicious mouth watering watermelon slice salad



The Frauxmagerie’s Greek Frauxmage

Kalamata Olives

Balsamic reduction


  1. Start by slicing your watermelon to the desired width, then slice desired serving size.
  2. Once you have finished creating your slices, this is when the magic happens. Take The Frauxmagerie’s Greek Frauxmage and begin to crumble between your fingers on top of the watermelon slices.
  3. Place your kalamata olives (or slice olives then place).
  4. Finish off by drizzling some Balsamic reduction over top on the entire dish.


Ta-da! Perfect for the summer. You now have a delicious an refreshing watermelon and Greek Frauxmage snack that I like to call the “mouth watering watermelon slice salad” its a mouthful, but so is this snack! We hope you all enjoy and have a refreshing rest of the summer.

Looking for a good Balsamic reduction? I personally love Nonna Pia’s classic balsamic reduction you can find online from Well.ca, but you can find it at most grocery stores. If you want more kick to the balsamic reduction, Nonna Pia has many other tasty flavours as well!