Shipping & Returns

Shipping Domestic

Shipping rates are based on weight and package destination, via Fedex.  We ship anywhere in Ontario and Quebec for $15 flat rate. Central provinces ship at $20 flat rate, and Western & Eastern provinces ship for $25 flat rate.


You will be notified via email when your Frauxmage has been shipped and you will receive a FedEx tracking number.


Our products are boxed, and packed with ice and insulation. FedEx does not require a signature upon delivery and will leave the package on your doorstep if you are not home to receive it. To preserve the authentic rinds, we recommend refrigerating your Frauxmage right away. There may be some colour variations between batches.


If you have leftover Frauxmage, it's best if  you store it in an airtight container in your fridge and consumed within 5-7 days of opening original packaging. 


All food sales are final. The Frauxmagerie cannot be responsible for damage or shipments being returned as a result of an incorrect address, or improper receiving of the products. The Frauxmagerie only ships on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Orders placed Wednesday or later, are shipped the following week to ensure safe delivery.